Arena of Innovation

Arena of Innovation

During the MOTEK 2010 fair in Stuttgart from the 13th to the 16th of September a new concept for fast innovations was tested. Employees of EXPLINOVO have been taking part in the expert team.

This innovation arena has been organized by the Kompetenznetzwerk Mechatronik BW together with P.E. Schall and the Fraunhofer Institute IPA of Stuttgart. At the beginning, innovative product ideas were collected from a jury. For the duration of the MOTEK  a mixed development team of volunteers was composed. The team had four days to find a marketable solution to those complexe tasks. Present in the team were people having different backgrounds: senior engineers and experts, CEOs, students. The public of the MOTEK fair was also welcome to take part in the development team in order to extend the number of expert and creative people.

Solutions for a reminding tool for personal objects like keys, alternative and ressource effective drivetrain, door opening system for disabled people and a controlling system for rollercoaster have been developed. Read the complete press article from the Kompetenznetzwerk Mechatronik BW here.

The Arena of Innovation was so succefull that it will take place again next year.

Here are some of the moments of the event:

Development team

From the idea to a marketable product in one week

Your keys will notify you if you are leaving without them

Door opening system for disabled people

Door opening system for disabled people

Controlling system for roller coasters

Discussion on process for alternative ressource effective drivetrains

Pictures source: P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG

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