FlexRay-to-CAN gateways integration

FlexRay-to-CAN gateways integration

FlexRay-to-CAN gateways based on the CatchTheBus electronic platform (a freely programmable control unit) from Explinovo were being developed to be integrated in a highly automated vehicle. This vehicle uses a steer-by-wire system and is part of the European funded HAVEit project.

The FlexRay-to-CAN gateways were successfully integrated in WP4100 and WP4200. The vehicles are now ready for the Final event which will take place next week from the 21st to the 22nd of June on the Volvo testing ground in Hällered (Sweden).



Trunk of a highly automated vehicle integrating a Steer-by-Wire system

FlexRay-to-CAN and FlexRay-to-DIO gateways

SbW_architecture_Steer-by-Wire communication network architecture

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