CatchTheBus® is available! (features overview)

CatchTheBus® is available!  (features overview)

Explinovo is proudly presenting its freely programmable ECU (Electronic Control Unit) CatchTheBus®. The main focus was set to allow the user to get an easy access to most of the common automotive bus communication systems in a very compact casing.

With CatchTheBus®, Explinovo sets a new benchmark in the market for development tools.



The challenge was to develop a product that would surpass customer expectations regarding functionality, flexibility, user friendliness, product size and quality. CatchTheBus® as a programming ECU is being based on the HCS12 dual core microcontroller and is being delivered with a bunch of high valuable libraries containing more than 80’000 lines of code. These user friendly libraries offer a standard mode letting developers take any of the provided interfaces into operation within minutes. An extended mode allows expert developers to fine tune the standard configuration. The libraries are MISRA-C compliant to match the quality requirements of CatchTheBus®.

In order to reduce the taking into operation time of the programmable ECU to its maximum, no proprietary programming language is being used. The developer programs everything in C. Moreover, extensive application examples show the user how to handle all the functionalities of the libraries. A time saving of up to 40% can be easily reached, which allows the user to concentrate on his algorithms and to reduce the time to market.

The programmable ECU CatchTheBus® has an innovative completely modular electronic architecture based on the Lego bricks principle. Each interface is being implemented on another hardware module. The user can simply choose modules according to his needs, thus keeping the costs low, without losing the possibility to extend the system later on. At the present time CatchTheBus® supports the following interfaces:

  • 3x CAN
  • 1x FlexRay
  • 2x LIN
  • 2x Powerline Communication
  • 2x RS-232
  • 1x Ethernet
  • 4x Digital outpus
  • 2x Analog inputs

New modules are to come.

Besides the bus communication systems and I/O’s, the CatchTheBus® libraries provides an easy interface to handle the EEPROM, the bootloader, the system time, the software triggers, the watchdog, several system interrupts and the generation of tasks.

With a length of only 10 centimeters, the programmable ECU CatchTheBus® offers the highest density of functionality for comparable products on the market at the present time.

Choosing CatchTheBus® is choosing an up-to-date solution for today and tomorrow.

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