Genesis of Explinova

Genesis of Explinova

The Explinovo team was brainstorming about an eye catcher for the embedded world 2014 fair in Nürnberg. As a fast, flexible and innovative engineering consultancy we were willing to create something new and unique that would reflect our philosophy and our passion for what we do. Quite quickly the idea came out to give Explinovo a face and that was the time when Explinova was born. She shall combine our daily business with our corporate identity. Explinovo stands for high quality, technology and Design. Blue is our corporate colour. Together with a designer we defined how would Explinova look like. We discussed how we could combine standard materials with electronic components and what came out is an outstanding outfit made of printed circuit boards, microprocessors, wires, capacitors and inductors.


Explinova outfit sketch

First outfit sketch of the designer


Designer at work

The designer @ work: Nam


Working at night

4:00 am: Nam’s passion for details has no limit


Explinova outfit features

Outfit features



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