EXLPINOVO – Engineer consulting on highest level

We are your specialists to the development of software-intensive control systems for automotive electronics. Our key customers include the large manufacturers and numerous system suppliers.

What makes EXPLINOVO stand out are its strength in the areas of electronics development, E/E architecture, software development for embedded systems, application and developments in the area of the communication bus systems like FlexRay, CAN, LIN or Powerline Communication and the design of complex digital/analog electronic circuits including the layout design. In addition to project support, we also offer customized all-in-one solutions.

Some of our references

Our engineering consulting team addresses your issues when it comes to embedded systems engineering and provides you with valuable expertise and longstanding experience in the realisation of new concepts. In this regard our services can be considered as a holistic framework covering all aspects from implementing and realising new technologies through to the testing and improvement of existing products.

As it is our goal to offer you a targeted and effective engineer consulting support, we provide our accompanying services in line with the current needs of our customers. Hence we´re not only striving to develop innovative solutions in our laboratory but we can also integrate your team and work with your very own tools and methods on site. Our engineering consulting team owes its efficiency to the flexibility of our all-round assistance which includes the specifications as well as the hardware and software development, but also the development of prototypes and integration of the ECU for standard production.

Our engineering consulting office also assists you with the product development. Based on your requirements we take on the design, implementation, and tests followed by the integration and validation of your new product. Besides that, our scope of service includes the conduction of an analysis for existing products and their improvement which is carried out in close collaboration with you.

If you´re looking for an engineering consulting partner that provides you with competent, reliable, and individual services in the area of embedded system development, we might be your perfect choice. Visit our website to learn more about us and our offer, or get in touch with us. We will bring you forward!