HAVEit - European Project - Status = "Completed"

Explinovo's performance within the HAVEit project was assessed as "Excellent" by the European Commission in the Final Review.

Download the Final Report D61.1 of the project here.

The goal of the HAVEit research work is to minimize the frequency of driving errors and hence to achieve an improved road safety and energy efficiency by means of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System). The realization of this goal is supposed to be facilitated through the development of vehicle concepts that bring together the most advanced, interconnected information and sensor technology. The next step of this project was the construction of demonstrators that serve the purpose of researching and improving e.g. an automated stop-and-go assistant, a road works spotter, or an assistant for autonomous driving.

Our tasks in the scope of this project comprise the design, integration, and installation of the FlexRay communication networks. In this connection we developed an innovative gateway concept in order to link the CAN and FlexRay communication buses.

HAVEit vehicles

The outcomes of these development efforts were presented in the course of the Final Event which took place at Volvo´s test track in Sweden on June 21 and 22, 2012.

Please visit the official website of HAVEit for more details.

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