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The purpose of these websites is to provide information about EXPLINOVO GmbH and its products. All texts, pictures, images, and the layout including the entire graphic design of these sites are subject to copyright. The content of these sites must not be copied, distributed, or modified for commercial purposes. The download and print of texts, pictures, and graphic elements contained in these websites is solely permitted for individual, private, and non-commercial use. The reproduction of graphic images, pictures, audio documents, video sequences, and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed unless EXPLINOVO GmbH has given its prior written approval to do so.




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The contents of these websites serve only for general information purposes. Although all data and information provided on these websites have been checked for accuracy and completeness, the occurrence of mistakes or incorrect information cannot be excluded entirely. EXPLINOVO GmbH assumes no liability regarding the correctness, completeness, and topicality of the website contents in the event of material or non-material damages that may arise from the use of incorrect or incomplete information provided within the scope of this online content. EXPLINOVO GmbH reserves the explicit right to change, complement or delete the content of these websites in part or in whole resp. to discontinue the publication of the online content temporarily or ultimately.



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EXPLINOVO GmbH is keen to control the contents of all external websites, which are directly or indirectly referred to by means of hyperlinks in the scope of their respective online content. The provision of hyperlinks is subject to the condition that the linked page is free from any illegal contents. Since the modification of those contents is beyond the influence of EXPLINOVO GmbH, the latter one cannot be held liable for external links whose content has been modified after the hyperlink was set. Therefore, the company EXPLINOVO GmbH declares explicitly, that it owns no right to the content of the linked websites. The provider of the page that was referred to shall be solely held responsible for any damages arising from the use of those external pages.



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